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What beauty professionals can expect from salon suites during Covid19

The world has changed significantly over three months. And perhaps your business has been impacted due to a loss in clientele and income.

Considering everything that's happened, you may have wondered: "How can I keep my business going as a beauty specialist amidst the current challenges of Covid19?"

The good news is that here at Elle Virtual Suites, we've got so many exciting opportunities that will support and help your business during this time and in the future.

Using our facilities for your clients has never been easier.

Let's explore some of the challenges you may face as a business before we look at the solutions.

What are the challenges for you?

If you're a beauty specialist, you may have had to face the daunting task of canceling appointments until everything tides over. This impacts your ability to serve your customers effectively. Naturally, you're feeling a sense of uncertainty and overwhelm. 

You may be wondering: "How will everything turn out?". And of course, this can be challenging.

Yet, it doesn't have to be that way, and you can expect that we've considered these questions and made a few additions to our Salon Suites that will cater to your needs as a beauty specialist.

What are we doing to serve you better?

There are so many opportunities for independent business owners like yourself to create a world-class experience when choosing to use one of our salon suites.

Ultimately our service raises the standard of your appointments and exemplifies the professionalism you need in doing business with your clients. 

There is so much opportunity for you to improve the reach of your service as a beauty specialist.

Yet, the question remains for us is how do we serve you better so that you can help your customers?

You can certainly expect that we've added enhanced features to support you in growing your streams of income. We've learned during this time that service-based business is largely impacted, and this can take its toll on your income. 

Therefore, you must have an online presence that uses educational products to serve your clients better and thrive even after Covid19.

As a starting point, you can expect:

Safety first - enhanced sanitation processes

You can have peace of mind knowing that we have increased the level of protection and sanitary measures taken to ensure that all our salon suites are ready for your access. 

We always follow the guidelines indicated by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the salon suite industry. This ensures we apply this to maximum effect for your safety and your clients.

The CDC also recommends that beauty professionals follow strict disinfectant procedures to prevent the spread of infection.

These aspects will also reassure your customers that you are doing your best to keep them safe when getting their much-needed beauty treatments.

New and improved offerings

We know that Covid19 was unexpected. But there is also a light at the end of this tunnel. The main reason is that it has helped us think differently about salon suites and how to improve our service towards you. 

We've made some additions to our space that will undoubtedly help level up your beauty business.

Please find a list of services designed to improve your business: 

  • Training Rooms - We've opened access to training rooms in both the east and westside locations. This avenue will help you teach beauty classes exposing your audience and clients to practical ways to braid, apply makeup, and offer lash extensions.

  • Masterclasses - You can pick up the pace with masterclasses available in our westside boardroom. These masterclasses are great to expose your audience and wannabe stylists and specialists to your refined techniques. You can do this with a live model and also broadcast it online for an increase in social media coverage and engagement.

  • Website development - You can create your new stylish website showcasing your beautiful work, and recent videos through Elle Virtual Suites web development site. This will undoubtedly help you increase your online presence, marketing, and draw in more customers. Naturally, you will be able to add your social media like Facebook and YouTube to bring your tutorials to the online space. This will lead to more sales of your online products.

  • Retail products - You'll also get the opportunity to retail your products through our website, through your website or in the salon on campus, which will be launching very soon.

  • Digital marketing services - Improve your digital marketing skills with our services, and create attention-grabbing flyers and other forms of branding that will be distinct and attractive to your potential new clients.

  • Host events - Host your grand opening event with us, showcasing your new salon suite business. These events will give you added exposure and bring in more clientele.

  • Zoom meetings - Online meetings via Zoom have been increasing rapidly. Take advantage of Zoom meetings that help you build relationships with other beauty professionals. Also, raise your brand awareness with Facebook and YouTube tutorials to educate your audience and even bring them to your beauty business.

These are some of the services we're offering, and we'll be updating these as we go along. There are always opportunities to help you build your beauty business. 

Final Thoughts

There have certainly been significant changes in the way you operate as a beauty professional, and the challenges have also given us new avenues to explore. 

You can expect that our new service offerings will bring you new income streams, solidify your online presence while helping and supporting your clients along the way.  

We're learning every day, and we hope to take you on the journey with us. As we grow, so do you with every new service we offer. Evolving your beauty business will bring you more rewards at the end of the day, and you will enjoy longevity by embracing the digital space and joining the community.

If any of this is what you need for your business, get in touch with us, and our knowledgeable consultants will provide you with a variety of packages to meet your unique needs.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to leave them below!

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