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The Importance of Selling Products in your business

Over the last decade, the beauty industry has exploded with a wide range of products globally. As the internet has allowed people to order items at the touch of a button, it has made everyone's lives easier.

You may have seen something similar in your own business where customers love your service and are keen to invest in the products you use to make them look their best.

Perhaps this interest in your products could be an excellent opportunity to grow your business.

We have not spoken about the importance of selling products in your business.

Therefore, we thought we would give you insights into this.

Why is it important? How it works and how to do it well. These are all the topics we'll cover within this blog post.

If you're currently exploring alternative ways to create an income in your beauty business, then this post might be helpful in this regard.

We will show you how to do this and explore what's on offer within Elle Virtual Suites at present.

Let's start by looking at why selling products is such a great opportunity.

Why selling products is a great opportunity

If you've ever had customers request a product you used on their hair or nails, then you already see the potential of having these products available.

It's the perfect opportunity to sell products that you know, love, and trust to customers who know, love and trust you.

The reality is that all services businesses these days have realized the potential to add a product to their business.

It can support your business during downtimes and create loyal customers who end up using your skincare products, hair products, lashes and nails.

That’s the reason we are now offering an in-house marketplace for all beauty professionals to support you in helping your customers.

What products should you sell?

Many people have a variety of opinions when it comes to the products you should sell.

As a suite, we firmly believe that we can offer hair, nails, and lash products to customers and beauty specialists. More than that, you can also do the same.

The most popular products that have seen spikes recently in sales include beauty products such as premium products for hair, nails, and lashes. Most beauty professionals usually use these products, but they could be taken one step further when you offer them directly to clients.

This can usually be sourced via our company and linked to your business, and be available on demand. This means when your customers order it, they should have it almost within the next day or two.

All in all, it's a seamless transaction for your customer, and when you have a direct supplier nearby, it makes doing business even more effortless.

How do we help you sell products in your business?

The critical factor is that you can create another stream of income by selling products that coexist with your current business.

Our marketplace has everything and more. And if you notice that you cannot find something that your customers need, you can request it from us, and we'll add it to our offerings.

Our marketplace is simply a set of products for our beauty professionals within Elle Virtual Suites.

You can purchase these products from us directly and then also use them on your clients. If you take it a step further, you can also sell these products as your own. This would naturally have to be discussed, and we look at how it could be done to represent your beauty brand best.

To make this easy, we have created a mini-store in the salon that hosts various products on display on a shelf.

Additionally, we have an online store on our website where you can purchase the products.

Final thoughts

Now that you have a good understanding of why selling products can be beneficial for your business. It might be time to take action to move your business forward.

We are so excited to announce that our marketplace will officially open on 1 May 2021. This makes it even easier for you to benefit from selling products.

Not only is it essential to sell products right now, but when you do it in combination with your service business, you are certainly supporting another income stream.

We recommend that you engage with experts in this regard, such as Elle Virtual Suites which offers this service and supports you in doing the same.

If any of this is what you had in mind, please visit us at Elle Virtual Suites for more info.

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