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Salon Suites Ownership Courses…Join Now

Salon Suites Ownership Courses…Join Now

Many of you have been reading all about salon suites and what a success it has been. There have been so many good experiences, opportunities, and paths that we have offered our clients.

Yet, we are always looking to expand our offerings.

We are looking to make you more empowered, and in doing that, we seek to offer you some incredible opportunities to open your salon suites business and serve people in your city.


Over the last decade, we have been serving beauty specialists, stylists, and other business professionals from all over the area who seek spaces to help their customers. Yet, we often get this question about how the business works, with many wishing to start independent businesses.

We have seen many parts of this business and developed a course to share with you. Yet, we want this course to be different from others you may have taken. Therefore, this blog post will show you a few parts of what the courses offer and how they can benefit you.

Why Choose the Salon Suites Business?

Like any other business, the salon suites business offers you a real opportunity—the opportunity in the sense that you can support other business owners to serve their customers.

A few benefits include:

● A business model defined for you by current salon suites business owners.

● As more people opt for spaces to run their business amongst other businesses, there is a growing popularity for salon suites.

● Many beauty specialists are looking for suites that they can book on-demand.

● Continuous passive income ensures you will reap the rewards of your hard work and experience.

While these may be a few benefits that will undoubtedly show how valuable the salon suites business is, it's essential to get information on what it includes.

What Goes into a Salon Suites Business?

So many factors make a successful salon suites business. It's all about the operations, the service, and the end experience for beauty specialists.

Based on our experience, when building a salon suites business, you must consider the following:

● Tenant selection and creating an optimal vetting process

● Keep informed about the beauty industry and the influencers in the city where you are located.

● Understanding key regulations and licenses needed to run an optimal business

● The technology and software ensure seamless booking and rentals.

● A superior accounting system to ensure payments are efficient

● Understanding realtors within your area and knowing who to contact for additional information.

● Market strategies to help attract tenants

In the next section, we will discuss each point in more detail.

How to Approach Starting a Salon Suites Business?

We focus heavily on the details needed to thrive in the salon suites business within our course. It will give you the foundations needed to get started and hit the ground running.

You must consider seven core areas when starting a salon suites business. The seven core areas will show what you can expect in the course.

Who are Your Tenants?

When renting out to a new individual, it's crucial to plan how to approach it. This step will give you the clarity needed to find your ideal tenants and serve them effectively. In addition, you should choose a tenant with a good credit record and check their income for extra assurances.

Understanding the Beauty Industry

Every city is different; this is about discovering more about how the beauty industry works in your town. One example is when considering the salon suites business; remember that each type of service may require a different license. You can gain that information by engaging with beauty experts and your local cosmetology state board.

Key Regulations and Licenses

Our experience has shown that to be a salon suites business owner; you do not have to be a realtor or a licensed cosmetologist. You need a salon license provided through your specific state cosmetology board. You must often investigate the best way to approach this step.

Technology and Software

Finding the right software and technology for your business is vital to ensure your business thrives now and in the future. It was trial and error, and leveraging the software to assist with day-to-day operations proved to be a lifesaver. Some features to look out for include tenant screening, rent collections, marketing, and business reporting.

Superior Accounting System

Remember that your business will be collecting rent, paying rent or mortgage, paying employees, and other essential expenses needed to operate a business.

You have to offer several ways to collect rent from tenants and pay debtors. Some methods would include receiving payment directly or outsourcing to a collection agency. An excellent accounting system will allow you to track all income and expenses monthly so your accountant can swiftly submit yearly returns.

Understanding Realtors

In reality, you should understand how realtors work in the area, but you don't necessarily need a sales agent. Yet it is advantageous to have a realtor since they will know a lot about the location, including landmarks, development plans, and pricing. They have superior negotiating skills that will help secure the best deal. More than that, it's essential to leverage other professionals to help your business in the formation stage.

Marketing Strategies

Gone are the days when commercial properties could rely on a sign outside the property to get tenants. Your listing must be online so that your tenants, online audience, and local sales agents can find and learn everything about you. This process is done using digital marketing, showing the tenants the benefits and how to leverage the space for their business.

What Should You Do Next?

While these are a few areas to consider when starting a salon suites business, there are many more areas not included in this blog post, such as financing, detailed steps in understanding the salon suites business, and real-life examples.

This post offers you a taste of what to expect. When you take the next step to access the course, you will find that we share a step-by-step guide. This course will show you precisely what you need to do to start and run a successful salon suites business.

If you are interested in taking your business and goals to the next level, please email our team at Please do follow us on Instagram and Facebook @ellevirtualsuites to stay updated.

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