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The New Salon Suites You Must Check Out In Jacksonville, Florida

Whether you are a resident, new to the area, or simply visiting, it does help to know that Jacksonville is continuously on the rise in terms of business growth.

This means that as a beauty professional, there is plenty of opportunity for you too.

If you are like most business owners, you are looking for great places to operate your salon or run your business away from your home, and therefore this may be an excellent solution for you.

You never want to be stranded without a professional business area to run your business. Therefore salon suites have become so crucial over the last few months.

This is an excellent idea considering all the amenities available such as state of the art equipment, a professional setting, and an opportunity to network with other business owners.

At Elle Virtual Suites, we are happy to announce that we'll be launching new salon suites in Jacksonville, Florida. This post will tell you everything you need to be aware of.

Why Jacksonville, Florida?

This is a question we often receive, and we think of Jacksonville as the next natural step for Elle Virtual Suites in 2021. We see the potential for people in this area. We would love to support the community of beauty professionals to build a business using Elle Virtuals Suites that have years of experience. We've also improved our facilities with both safety, luxury, and business in mind.

In our last update, we showed you some changes we made due to COVID-19, and this is an ongoing process, but we're pleased to announce that the changes have helped tremendously. It has been business as usual, and we have seen our beauty professionals grow from strength to strength.

On the whole, we have been receiving inquiries from neighboring areas to bring a similar concept over to Jacksonville, and we have answered.

What can you expect?

Naturally, this is on everyone's minds, and we want to make sure that you are always catered for in whichever Elle Virtual Suites you travel to. You can expect the same level of customer service and professionalism that you have been accustomed to.

We've also highlighted the amenities you will find available in our Jacksonville suites:

  • We will continue to provide affordable suites to established and newly licensed beauty professionals

  • Offer an inviting space and also the necessary resources for you to thrive

  • A wide variety of suites to choose from

The value for us comes in helping you succeed, and we hope that we will exceed your expectations in this department, even in a different location.

What benefits are there to renting a suite in 2021

Indeed the world has changed, and we have evolved along with it. However, it has become even more critical to build trust with your clients and provide them with a high level of service at every stage.

This ensures that they keep on coming back for more.

We've compiled a few features and benefits of our suites for you;

  • 24/7 access to the suites, so that brings peace of mind

  • Free WIFI, so you can stay connected

  • Customer parking

  • Utilities included

  • Online scheduling so you don't have to buy your own software

  • Free advertising using our brand

  • Support with website development

  • An allocated media space

  • Privacy and security

  • Training rooms for education seminars or training for your business

While we've listed a couple of benefits that can certainly help your business thrive for 2021, many other areas can be beneficial when you use a salon suite.

In the new year, you can expect more support for your business. We’ll show you how to leverage the online space to grow your beauty business.

Final Thoughts

Salon suites have become commonplace in Jacksonville, Florida, as it becomes a hub for beauty professionals to do their best work. That is excellent news for the thriving business community that continues to grow.

In this post, you learned all about our new venture that will come to your city soon.

That said, we will still bring the same level of attentiveness to detail and professionalism to your experience.

Whether you are a client of Elle Virtual Suites or newly started in the business world, it certainly is a step in the right direction when you book a designated spot for your business. We hope you are patiently awaiting our new suites in Jacksonville, and we will see you there soon.

If you loved this post on our new salon suites In Jacksonville, Florida, then feel free to share your thoughts below!

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