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The Most Important Lessons Beauty Professionals In Business Should Know

We've learned so many lessons on our journey in running the salon suite and beauty business. We've helped countless beauty professionals set up and start creating a regular income for themselves.

There is no more incredible feeling than helping others build their business and earn a lucrative income from something they love to do.

This has undoubtedly been a turbulent time for all, especially with a world riddled with covid, it can be tough to cope with the changes.

That's why we want to share a few lessons we've learned over the last few years running a salon suite business, and perhaps they can help you along the way.

Let's look into it below.

Be intentional about the business

We have to be intentional about creating value and encourage beauty professionals to sell products such as hair, nails polish, lashes, and hair products in their business. In our business, we always consider the value we can add to our customers' lives; we also consider how we can grow their business.

We ensure that our business moves with our highest vision, supporting all beauty professionals who house their services with us.

Understand your customers

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We must be friendly, courteous and provide value to every customer entering our business. There are so many ways to understand your customer.

The first is knowing precisely the service they want from you and ensuring you have the necessary materials available to provide it. One of the challenges that exist continues to be that our customers may not always be able to afford services, so an excellent way to improve their lives is by offering a wide range of services. The services often make their lives convenient.

An area that was helpful in 2020 was finding ways to ensure we followed all protocols related to safety, which helped our beauty professionals continue to run their businesses.

Build strong relationships

Building relationships is critical in the salon suite business. There are so many people who are engaged in our industry. This includes professionals like yourself who use the salon suites and suppliers who provide beauty products for sale.

It's an ongoing process of building strong, positive, and good relationships with everyone. These relationships will only enhance the business value, and trust us; they will certainly remember it.

As business owners, we try to keep our ear to the ground and pay attention to the needs of professionals who run their business from our salon suites. This has been a great way to bring more services and support. That has served to fuel solid and long-lasting relationships too.

Use the digital tools to grow

It's essential to get help using the power of digital tools to grow your brand. Digital tools, especially social media, are being used everywhere to grow your brand and marketing. The reality is that without some form of digital services available, you may be putting your business at risk.

As we saw in 2020, you have to be prepared for change. This means being able to provide online services, tutorials, and webinars to your customers. Tools that help us include using Zoom, the platform for meetings and tutorials. We also have video and content editors on board who help create content.

Change is the only constant

Since the world is moving so quickly and changing so rapidly, we have to remember that change is the only constant in our lives.

Learning that nothing is stable and adapting to the fast-changing salon suite business will make your company solid and ready for the change that comes your way.

A business must be on the lookout for trends and then leverage the trends to grow the brand effectively. The trends may bring change to the company, and they will also support change that will set the salon suite business on the right path in the future.

Final thoughts

Running a business can prove to be challenging. There is no doubt about that, but once you have a plan and are intentional in everything you do in business, you will find that the challenges become exciting.

You understand your customer and learn how to work with them so that they gain value. Also, you know exactly how to manage the business's day-to-day operations while using digital tools to get ahead.

In the next few weeks, we’ll provide more details on our Salon Suite course launching soon. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

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