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Hosting a business meeting? Find out if Starbucks or a meeting room works best for you!

As a business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur, you will need to host a meeting at some point. Your search often leads you to a Starbucks or local coffee shop.

Too often, when you get there, it seems that the space may be lively yet inappropriate for the meeting that you're hosting. And your session doesn't give your customers, partners, and employees an excellent first impression.

That's when your understanding of an optimal business environment comes into play. Of course, Starbucks looks great for those Instagram selfies, yet is it viable? And while rented meeting rooms are professional, are they far too limiting for innovation and creativity?

To give you reliable answers to these questions, we'll talk about meeting rooms versus Starbucks to help you get the most of your business meetings.

Why choose Starbucks?

There are so many exciting things about meeting at a Starbucks, and that includes the hip and trendy vibe that it gives off.

Not only that, there's science that backs this up. Scientific studies show that a moderate level of noise such as conversation or music can elevate your creative thinking and improve problem-solving too.

These ideas help us see how much value a meeting at a Starbucks can bring to any business, yet it seems that it's perfect when your meeting is for ideation sessions or sessions where you may need some background noise to get the work done.

Or, it's a great space to visit after an important business meeting to have some fun and drink fantastic coffee.


  • Trendy and convenient as Starbucks are everywhere

  • Spacious and loungy so you can quickly get comfortable and build rapport

  • Coffee of all shapes and sizes for that inspirational boost for your teams next best idea


  • Very busy, loud and often crowded so you will struggle to conduct a business meeting

  • Insufficient space for projectors, movement and large groups of people

  • Not a secure area to host a private meeting especially when sensitive information is needed

Why choose meeting rooms?

Meeting rooms simulate the feel and vibrancy of office space and offers fewer distractions and more privacy.

As most businesses host meetings with their customers or potential investors, first impressions play a vital role. The experience of a rented meeting room is more professional to your potential shareholders.

You can expect rented meeting rooms to be located in professional locations and include a lobby area as well as a reception area.

You may agree here; the worst thing is being distracted or having to whisper to avoid eavesdroppers due to being in a public space.

When you're in a designated meeting room, you know that all parties can freely discuss the matters at hand.

You can also make sure that the necessary equipment, technology, proposal documents, and sound is in place.

Presentation tools, including projectors, input cables for your laptops, and charging space for your phones, are freely available in most meeting rooms.

Aside from that, you're open to invite virtual participants to the meeting from other parts of the country.

And the bonus is that many meeting room services even offer catering so you can have a working lunch while discussing important business matters.


  • Gives a great first impression for your customers, employees, and shareholders

  • Ample space for presentations, video conferencing and to have a working lunch

  • Not necessary to withhold information, as you can discuss business matters freely without worrying about eavesdroppers


  • Coffee options are limited, and you may have to settle for a simple Americano

  • Has a corporate feel that may stifle creativity if used for ideation sessions

  • Will cost a fee to rent the space so you would need to consider how to fit this into your budget

Final thoughts...

The aim is to always have meaningful interactions with your key stakeholders, potential employees, and customers.

These interactions build positive working relationships that will keep moving your business and brand forward.

Yet, we often miss an essential step in choosing an optimal environment for meaningful interactions. Our advice is to choose a space that supports your meeting, customers, and relevant stakeholders to grow your business.

Will you host your next meeting at your local Starbucks or choose a rented meeting room instead? Tell us in the comments below!

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