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Exciting New Services From Elle Virtual Suites Coming Soon

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

We're pretty excited about what's to come here at Elle Virtual Suites. As we've grown and learned over the last few months, we've seen a clear need for media production for creatives like yourself who need space to do the work they love. The reality is that getting online and doing it with purpose is vitally essential for you to supercharge the brand.

The good news is that we've launched a few new avenues that you can leverage for your creative business, and continue to generate revenue along the way.

These facilities are exclusively available to current tenants of Elle Virtual Suites as well as new tenants who get in touch with us for the next steps. If you are a creative professional seeking an environment that stimulates your creativity and provides professional looking aesthetics for your brand, this post is for you. Whether you're a stylist, creator, or entrepreneur, we have a facility and solution for you.

What can you expect from this post?

We'll look at the new facilities on offer at Elle Virtual Suites and how you can leverage these for your business.

We'll also update you around our new web design platform that offers you an excellent place to market your business.

Let's get started by looking at our in-house media studio.

In-house Media Studio Launches

We look forward to bring the following services to you:

  • We offer a fully kitted out media studio for creative professionals with a bold vision for their business.

  • You can use the facilities to make commercial videos and generate a sizeable revenue for your company.

  • If you are a YouTube creator, feel free to use our studios to add a dash of professionalism to your brand and have a safe space to show the online world.

  • Photographers are welcome too, where you can bring your equipment and use the studio to host those photoshoots in style.

  • Additionally, we offer a space for you to start video ad marketing so that you, too, can skyrocket your brand online. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you can make it happen at our design studio space.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Elle Virtual Suites in-house media facilities as a member. If you're a future tenant, you can inquire about membership details with us as well. Let's now look at the web development facilities you will have access to just by being a tenant and a member of Elle Virtual Suites.

Web Development

Whether you run a business online or offline, it's essential as a creative professional to have a website to showcase your services to the world. Think of it as your shop front, where people can instantly know what you have to offer and hire you.

With over 4.57 billion people actively online globally, having a functional website is an excellent way to reach your target clients and audience.

Therefore, we've created a platform for you to create your website.

Here's a simple breakdown of how our platform works:

  • It's a No cost website creation tool that is streamlined for beginners and more intermediate users too.

  • The site is intuitive and offers free themes to make your website look stunning.

  • Don't worry if you don't know too much about web design and programming

  • Offers responsive design, which means your site will look great on phones, tablets, and computers

  • Easy setup and use of content blocks to design each aspect of your web page.

  • Quickly add videos, photos and even include an e-cart for your users to make purchases

  • A wide range of templates and design features for your business

  • Quick start-up videos tools and frequently asked questions to guide you as you make your site

Having a smart website that's easy and cost-effective is a creative professional's dream; that's why we're offering this within Elle Virtual Suites to improve your business overall. Next, we'll share an update on the meeting rooms and how we have either enhanced it or continued to provide a high level of service.

Meeting Rooms

  • Training teams and clients globally, online, and offline.

  • A classroom environment for workshops for large companies as well as SME's within Cleveland

  • Hosting their podcasts, distributed to a broad audience on Apple, Spotify, and other major platforms.

  • Content creation and video creation that is shared on YouTube with high production value and space.

Keep in mind that our new media studio might be booked out at times, so in those instances, we'll offer you the meeting rooms for photoshoots and even YouTube content creation if you need it.

Final Thoughts

Many businesses are finding new ways to expand what they do, and it's no different for your creative business, either. We know that the best way to grow is to learn new skills and add new services. That's why our suites now offer additional media production services such as an in-house media studio and website development.

This will be a one-stop-shop for you as creative professionals who need a studio to enhance your business. It will offer you excellent facilities such as a media studio that can be used to film commercials, photoshoots, YouTube content, and video content marketing. We look set to kick off by early 2021.

Not to worry, we'll keep the meeting rooms, but we'll also expand to have a media studio as well. This generally means you have a great facility to host important meetings while again doing your creative work.

Additionally, we will have space for you to develop your very own website using our platform

If you enjoyed reading this post on the changes at Elle Virtual Suites, please feel free to look out for the facilities' launch in 2021!

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